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Sutcliffe Boat Club Badge Circa 1950's.
Sutcliffe Boat Club.

Hobbies Bowman steam boat decal.
Hobbies Bowman.

Mamod ME3 Marine engine unit.
SEL Engine unit
Advertisement from 1965.

Mamod ME3 Marine engine.
Mamod ME3 Marine engine
With a SEL engine unit
Produced 1965-1972
(Total production 2704)
SEL Marine engines.
SEL marine engine
These were used on the Mamod marine steam engines
Produced 1965-1972.

Mamod Marine engine.
Mamod Marine engine
Advert from October 1958.
(Note: The addition of a
Oil cup on the engine)
Mamod ME1.

Mamod ME1
Marine Engine
Level plug version
Circa 1977-1978
(Only made for one year)
The introduction of the
Solid fuel burner in 1977.


Mamod ME1 Box.
The ME1 was suitable
For boats of about
24" in length.
Mamod ME1.
Mamod ME1
Marine Engine
Sight glass version
Circa 1978-1980
(Only made for two years)

Discontinued in 1980.


SS Activity.


Mamod ME1.


Hobbies Weekly.
Rare plans to build a
Steam Coaster using a
Mamod ME1 Marine engine
Circa 1963.
Mamod Conqueror Engine Unit.
Mamod Conqueror.
Mamod Conqueror Electric Motor. Mamod Conqueror Electric Motor
These were used in Mamod's
Only electric toy
The Mamod Conqueror Boat
Made around the 1950's.

Miss Liberty.



C K Boat.
Japanese Speed Boat
Miss Liberty
Made by Kuramochi (CK)
Miss Liberty Instructions.

S.E.L. Boat.

Signaling Equipment Ltd.

S.E.L. Electric Speedboat
Made by J & L Randall Ltd
SEL Electric Motor.
The Gem Steam Boat. Gem Steam Boat.
The Gem would run for 45 minutes
On one tank of water.
The "Gem" Steam Boat
Made in Bournemouth England
Circa 1950's


Snipe price tag.

Bowman Snipe.


Hobbies Bowman Snipe. Hobbies racing steam boat
The Snipe

The Hobbies Snipe could travel up to
One mile on one filling
Its a long boat measuring 23 inches in length
And 3,1/2 inches across the beam
Circa 1930 - 1935.


AeroBoat price tag.

Hobbies Aeroboat II.
The Aeroboat is powered by a rubber band.

Hobbies Bowman Aeroboat 2.
Aeroboat II with its original plywood box
The Aeroboat 1 cost two shillings more
Than a Aeroboat II.
Hobbies Bowman Aeroboat 2.
Measuring 30 inches in length
And 3,1/2 inches across the beam
These boats where built for speed
And could travel 250 yards in one run
Although not a steam boat
It is a Bowman, and, I love it
Circa 1931 - 1935.
Hobbies Bowman Aeroboat 2.

Hobbies Bowman Sea Hawk.

Bowman Sea Hawk. Hobbies Bowman
Sea Hawk engine unit
Circa 1930's


Bowman Bryant factory.
When Bowman Models finally closed its doors
Mr Bryant set up his own business making his own marine engines
As well as series of horizontally opposed twin cylinder steam engines
These where the Bryant "Simpler" engines

Last known address of
John Bryant Engineers Ltd.
Bowman Bryant valveless engine.
Twin Cylinder, single-acting engine
1/2 inch Bore x 5/8 inch stroke.

Mr Bryant.
Mr Bryant (On the right)
Inventor of the Bowman Bryant
Marine engine.

Bowman Bryant Marine Engine.
Bryant Vertical
Twin Cylinder Marine Engine
Circa 1948.

Bowman Bryant.
The Bryant vertical engine
Was fitted in to the "Sea-Jay"


Chad Valley Jet Boat Box.
Chad Valley Jet Boat. Chad Valley Jet Boat.
Very rare Chad Valley Jet  boat
Unused and priced at
4 Shillings & 9 pence.


Silver Streak toy put put boat.
Silver Streak. Silver Streak
Jet propelled speed boat
Made from aluminium
Date unknown
But probably 1940's.
(Powered by Methylated spirit
Or solid fuel)

Super Jet Speed Boat
Extremely rare pop pop boat
Uses a solid fuel cell for power.
(Made by Thomas Mayers
North Brighton England)

Date unknown but probably post war.


JetCraft Boat Box. Jet Craft Toy Pop Pop Boat. Jetcraft Derwent Model Boat #1
The Jetcraft would run for 45 minutes
On a half tablespoon of Methylated spirit
Circa 1940's.
(Manufactured by Jetcraft Ltd
Lee Vale Mills
Charlesworth, Manchester)

Victory Industries Ltd.
Miss England
Was available in
White, red, Green, & Blue.
The name Victoria Industries
Was derived from The Victoria Inn
A old coaching inn in Surrey.
Miss England pop pop boat Circa 1948.
Miss England
Twin jet propelled speed boat
Made by Victory Industries Ltd
Circa 1948.


Electra Speed Boat.
"Elecrta" Speed Boat
The electric version of "Miss England"
Powered by a Mighty Midget
Electric motor
Made by Victory Industries Ltd
Circa 1948.

Miss England SEL Advert 1948.
Some time in late 1948
J & L Randall Ltd
The toy steam Engine manufacturer
Took over the marketing of the
Miss England speed boat
And from this point on
It was marketed under the Merit label
Miss England advert March 1948.
This was due to a Trade Mark issue With G J Hayter & Co the famous
Victory Jigsaw manufacturer
 The advert above from 1948 shows the link between Miss England
And J & L Randall Ltd.
Two Victory Industries Ltd boats.
Miss England steam boat Circa 1948.

Sutcliffe Submarine Unda-Wunda.

Sutcliffe Steel Submarine boxed.

Sutcliffe Unda Wunda
Clockwork Diving Submarine
In pristine condition
Circa 1976.


Sutcliffe Atomic Submarine.
Sutcliffe Sea Wolf Submarine.

Sutcliffe Sea Wolf
Atomic Submarine
Circa 1969.






Sutcliffe Submarine The Nautilus.


Sutcliffe Submarine The Nautilus boxed.


Sutcliffe Nautilus Submarine
Built to commemorate the
Jules Verne film
20,000 leagues under the sea
Circa 1955.

Sutcliffe Ocean Liner.

Sutcliffe Ocean Liner
Sutcliffe Viking
Two funnel Ocean Liner
Circa 1950's.

Sutcliffe Jupiter Ocean Pilot box.



Sutcliffe Jupiter Ocean Pilot.
Sutcliffe Jupiter
Ocean pilot cruiser
Circa 1963.

Sutcliffe Hawk. Sutcliffe Hawk Clockwork Boat. Sutcliffe Hawk
Clockwork speed boat
Circa 1968.

Sutcliffe Merlin Electric Speed Boat box.



Sutcliffe Merlin Electric Speed Boat.
Sutcliffe Merlin
Electric speed boat
Circa 1965.

Sutcliffe Commodore.
Sutcliffe Commodore.

Sutcliffe Commodore
Clockwork Cabin Cruiser
Circa 1977 - 1981.



Sutcliffe Sprite day cruiser.



Sutcliffe Sprite day cruiser plus box.
Sutcliffe Sprite
Clockwork day cruiser
Circa 1967 - 1981.

Police Launch.




Police Launch Circa 1950's.
Lovely old police launch
With a working search light
And a beautifully drawn box
Featuring Tower Bridge London
Circa 1950's.



Swift electric motor boat.
The Swift had a rather unusual
Rudder and propeller arrangement
In the form of a cartridge
Which pressed in to place
Under the hull.
D Sebel Ldt.
Swift electric speed boat.

Swift electric speed boat
Made by Harold Flory
Circa 1950's

Swift speed boat.
Advert from May 1950.

Jetex speed boat box.
Manufactured by
Wilmot Mansour & Company Ltd
Totton Southampton, England.
Jetex speedboat.

Jetex Jet propelled speedboat
Purportedly the fastest toy speedboat
Of its size in the world.
Jetex advert from the 1950's.
(Note) In 1956 the company was sold to
D Sebel Ltd, the manufacturer of
Mobo Snort submarines.
Glenbur Submarine.

Glenbur Submarine.
Glenbur Submarine and Box.


Glenbur Sportcraft Submarine Mk ll
Made by Arthur Burroughs & Company Formby, Lancashire, England.
Circa 1950's

Glenbur Advert.

Airfix Submariine. Airfix Diving Submarine.




Airfix Diving Submarine
One of my favourite
Childhood toys
Made in England.
Circa 1970's
Submarine would dive
And rise with the aid of a
Sodium bicarbonate tablet
Inserted in to the keel bung.

Tresco Submarine.
Delightful toy submarine
Which would dive and rise by
Blowing and sucking air
Up the red tube.

Toy Submarine.

Made by Tresco Products England
Date unknown
But probably 1950's - 1960's

Elastic band powered toy submarine.

Made in Hong Kong
Circa 1950's - 1960's.



Atomic Submarine - Unopened.
Atomic Submarine
Made in Hong Kong
Circa 1950's - 1960's.

(Delightful toy submarine
Powered by an elastic band
Submarine has never been
Taken out of its original packaging)
Hong Kong Submarine.
Made by the same manufacturer
As the submarine above.
Plastic Submarine.
Plastic Submarine No.102
Made in Hong Kong
Circa 1950's - 1960's.

(Delightful toy submarine
Powered by an elastic band
From when all toys were
Made in Hong Kong)

Deep Sea Diver.
Tresco Deep Sea Diver.
The Diver
Made by Tresco Products England
Date unknown
But probably 1950's - 1960's
(Old shop stock)

Jet Boat.
A few of my ex-shop display boats.

Jet boat.
These little Aluminium boats
Can travel 54 metres in 15 minutes.
On a few drops of Methylated spirit.
Jet propelled Camphor boat
Circa 1930's
(Manufactured by Mechanex Ltd
30, Budge Row, London E.C.4.

Racing Boat. Racing boat.
Each box contained two racing boats.
Self propelled racing boats
Circa 1930's
(Manufactured by Mechanex Ltd
30, Budge Row, London E.C.4.

Busch Boat.
West German Busch Boat.
Beautiful Camphor driven boat
Made in Germany by Busch
Circa 1950's - 1960's
The German packaging was beautifully
Designed and fully illustrated.


    Two Diving Submarines
Made by Harold Flory Ltd
The one on the left dates to
Circa 1948 The one on the right dates to post 1955
(Manufactured by Harold flory Ltd
Until 1948 when the company was sold to D Sebel Ltd the toys were then re-branded has MoBo toys)