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Meccano factory at Binns road.

Meccano 1929 steam engine logo.



Where dreams were made
And engineers where formed
The derelict Meccano factory
At Binns road in Liverpool
A sad end to a much loved
And world famous toy.
The factory was build in 1914
And closed in 1979.


Meccano 1918 steam engine.
Advertisement for the 1914
Vertical steam engines.

Meccano steam engine.
Vertical steam engine
Circa 1914.


Meccano steam engine advertisement.
Advert Circa 1914.
The very first Meccano engines
Were made by Bing.

Meccano Advert.


Meccano price tag.
Meccano price tag.
Two very rare
Meccano price cards.


Meccano steam engine with unembosed boiler.
(Note: This engine still retains its
Original lacquer and has had very little use)

Early Meccano steam engine.


Early Meccano Steam Engine
Circa 1929.
The early engines had a
Meccano decal attached to the boiler
Rather than the name
Meccano embossed into the boiler.


Meccano 1929 steam engine.
(Note: The early engines did not have
A handle on the forward reverse arm)

Meccano 1929 steam engine.

Horizontal steam engine
With vertical boiler
Circa 1929.
This one still retains its
Original paper tag.


Meccano 1929 steam engine advertisement.

Advert from December 1929
Showing the mechanical digger.

Meccano 1929 steam engine.


These engines grow old gracefully
It takes around eighty years to
Get a patina like this.


Meccano 1929 steam engine.
Robust and rigid packaging
Helped to keep these engines in good condition.

Meccano steam engines 1929.

Frank Hornby lodged the patents
For the 1929 steam engine
With the patents office
In January 1929
They were not accepted until September 1929
By which time the engine
Was almost certainly in production.

Meccano steam engine.

Meccano 1929 steam engine.

This photo shows how the
Colour of the bases varies.


Meccano steam engine.
The Meccano 1929 steam engine
Could lift 56 LBS in weight.

Meccano steam engine Circa 1929.

Advertisement showing the
Steam operated mechanical digger.

Meccano steam engine 1929.
Meccano models book Circa 1929.

Meccano steam engine 1929.

One of the many toys
Which could be made using the
Meccano models book.

Meccano horizontal Steam engine.
Yellow coloured box
Made to Meccano design
Circa 1965.

Meccano horizontal Steam engine.


Meccano steam engine.
Produced 1965-1970.
Although these engines
Where branded Meccano
They where in fact made
By Mamod.

Meccano horizontal Steam engine.
Reverse of the d
ark blue window pack
Circa 1970.


Meccano horizontal Steam engine.


Meccano steam engine.
Produced 1970-1976

This one still retains
Its dealer packing.
(Discontinued in 1976)


Meccano science series leaflet Circa 1966.
Advertisement showing the
1970's Meccano steam engine
Which could lift 1lb in weight.
(Note) The 1929 engine
Could lift 56 lbs weight.

Meccano horizontal Steam engine Circa 1970 Unfired.


Removed from the box above
Complete with burner
Funnel and oil tag.


Mamod SP3 steam engine.

Meccano SP3 steam engine.

The Mamod / Meccano SP3
Steam engine
Produced 1979-1984

Manufactured and sold by Mamod
But brandishing two decals
One Meccano and one Mamod.
Only produced for five years
Total production 9,067
Discontinued in 1984.

Meccano Mec 1 steam engine 1966.
Atmospheric advertisement
From June 1966
Note the forward and reverse lever
Are the same design as the
1929 model.