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My name is Michael, I was born, and still live in a small town called Chesterfield
In the county of Derbyshire, England, Chesterfield is a historic town which came to prominence in
1204 when it was granted a "Market charter" by King John
Chesterfield is also famous for its Christian church "The crooked spire"
Which was Built in the 14th century.
Not surprisingly though Chesterfield's oldest surviving building is a Inn
Which dates back to the 12th century and was originally a rest-home for the
Knights Templar during the years of the Crusades.
As you can see Chesterfield is steeped in history and growing up in this lovely town left its mark on me
My interests don't lay in the distant past though, but in a more recent past with the preservation of
Toy steam engines.
My very first recollection of a steam engine was when I was given one
For my birthday in 1972, and for a ten year old boy this was the best present ever
And that's where it all began, and my love of toy steam has never faded.
Ohh and just in case you are wondering what this very first steam engine was
It was a Meccano horizontal steam engine.
And of course when I received my birthday present I did what any curious
10 year old boy would do, I painted it black, attached four wheels and a drive band
To it and enjoyed many long and hot sunny days driving it up and down our yard
I still have my Meccano steam engine which is currently being restored to its former glory
And all that hand brushed black paint has now gone
And when finished she will be placed into retirement after many years
Of hard and loving loyal service.

I hope you enjoy my website,
please feel free to leave your comments
Steam engine stories, or suggestions in my guestbook for others to read and enjoy
Thank you for your time
 Best wishes

Mum & Me.
My mother and me.

Dad & Me.
My father and me, I had just been born.


My teddy bear and me
Teddy was knitted by my mother.


Me and my toys.
Me with all my toys.


Me & Ma and Snowy.
My first car, Mum and my dog Snowy.


Me and the neighbours child taking a bath
times where hard when I was
growing up we had to share bath water in the winter the bath would be moved inside the house.

My sister Lisa and her favourite Doll.

Family holiday.

Mum and Me.
Me & Ma looking very dapper.

Charlie, makes even my bad days
Feel like good days.