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Hand selected links
From around the world.

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Machinist's Workshop.

Machinist's Workshop Magazine
A truly fascinating and
Educational read
This is the best of the best.



Alan's toy steam website.

Alan's lovely collection
Of toy steam engines
Including a very rare
Mamod SE2 with base
Mounted chimney from 1946
This is a Lovely website
Please take a look.


John & Chris's website.

John & Chris's Boatyard
Fabulous website covering
Toy boats and boat restorations
Everything from
Sutcliffe to Hobbies
Please take a look.


David's website.

If your passionate about
Sutcliffe boats and submarines
Then this is the website for you
With stunning photographs
And all the history of these
Fantastic boats in one place
Please take a look.


Michael's fabulous toys.

Michael's fabulous
Boys toys website
All the classics are here
Everything from
Sutcliffe to Kiel Kraft.



Kenneth's toy steam website.

Kenneth's toy steam website
A lovely collection of steam toys
The website is in both
English and Danish.


Steam engines for sale .com

Excellent website with some
Stunning Steam engines
Lots for sale too
Well worth a look.


Steam up website.

Steam Up
The steam rally site
On the net
Great resource for
Anything steam related.


  Franks excellent website on Weeden steam engines.

Franks fantastic website
The definitive website for
Weeden steam engines
Anywhere on the internet.



Jeff_z fantastic steam website.

Jeff-z excellent website
Featuring toy steam engines
Pin ball machines
And his dog Belle.


Mikes website.

Mikes website covers
Everything from
Toy steam & corgi rockets
To Raleigh choppers
And tea cards.


Chesterfield model engineering society.

Chesterfield & District
Model engineering society
Well worth a visit
You wont be disappointed.


The home of Swift Fox Steam.
The home of
Swift Fox Steam
Philip has a rather nice
Collection of steam toys and
Pop pop boats
Please pay him a visit.


Fab Tin Toys.

Fabulous Tin Toys
Is a online resource
For old toys.